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SAMMON - Simulation Augmented Manoeuvring Design & Monitoring

SAMMON is the central software product of ISSIMS GmbH. Its main purpose is to predict the vessels future path to simultaneously enhance the safety and efficiency of ship operation. By calculating the ship‘s motion based on Fast-Time Simulation methods and full ship dynamic models, with SAMMON you are able to foresee the vessels future track and motion details. The system predicts every second computing time up to 1200 seconds of manoeuvring time and gives you immediately a tendency of the intended ship manoeuvre. For smooth application, SAMMON is based on an ECDIS Kernel comfortable displaying the results on an Elec-tronicNavigation Chart and on virtual manoeuvring handles to operate the ship on screen.

SIMOPT - Simulation Optimization for Ship Models & Standard Manoeuvres

SIMOPT is a software product simulating ship dynamics based on Fast-Time Simulation tech-nology and was developed to support the efficiency of: - tuning processes for estimating ship-model parameters in ship handling simulators and achieve the best fit between real-ship manoeuvring characteristics and the simu-lation ship models used in SAMMON - estimation and optimisation of manoeuvring parameter for specific manoeuvres e.g. emergency turns, Zig-Zag Tests or series for wind impact based on several parame-ters.

SIMDAT - Visualize Ships Maneouvre Data

SIMDAT is designed to analyse and evaluate simulation data from the ANS* series. During a simulator exercise all data can be recorded in full detail as to be available for a very exten-sive analysis by SIMDAT afterwards. For every object the track can be viewed and besides that, any other simulated or measured data can be displayed and analysed in comparison to the actual track. The current version of SIMDAT can as well be used to display, analyse and evaluate results from real-ship measurements recorded during ship trials to be compared with simulation data from Advanced Nautical Simulator (Rheinmetall Defence Electronics) or SIMOPT.

ARROW - Avoidance of Roll Resonance Or Wave Impact

ARROW is a software tool designed to estimate and display the potential conditions and countermeasures to avoid rolling resonances or wave impact on ships due to specific wave encounter situations, especially synchronous and parametric rolling. By input of a few ship and wave parameters, ARROW provides information for the mariners that allows for avoid-ing resonance conditions, increasing the safety of vessel, cargo and humans in bad weather conditions.