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SAMMON - New Generation of Maritime Prediction Technology

SAMMON is a Simulation Augmented Manoeuvring Design & Monitoring System consisting of various modules for Manoeuvre Monitoring, Trial, Training as well as Manoeuvring Design & Planning.

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  • What is SAMMON and who is using it?

    SAMMON stands for “Simulation Augmented Manoeuvring Design, Monitoring & Control”

    SAMMON is a unique software system developed by Innovative Ship Simulation and Maritime Systems GmbH Rostock / Germany, well known and already implemented e.g. at the Maritime Simulation Centre Warnemuende MSCW, AIDA Cruise CSMART Simulation Centre Rostock and at the World Maritime University WMU at Malmoe / Sweden.

  • How does SAMMON work?

    SAMMON technology is based on Fast Time Manoeuvring Simulation, calculating continuously in every second 24 minutes of vessel’s manoeuvring time. This “look ahead” functionality has not only a high potential for steering real ships in a much better and safer quality, it is already an innovative tool for improving quality and effectiveness of simulator training & lecturing of ship handling.

    SAMMON can be used for all elements of ship handling training, for lecturing, simulator briefing, exercise execution and debriefing.

  • Effective Lecturing

    Lecturing of trainees for ship handling procedures & familiarisation with ship motion characteristic both in standalone mode or connected to SHS

    It reveals faster and deeper insights into ship dynamics so that trainees can build up an extended mental model of ship manoeuvring motions & strategies in less time.

    Lecturing / presentations on manoeuvring are more informative and convincing because every detail and background can be shown, discussed and proven by FTS immediately.

    SAMMON is linked to Ship Handling Simulator ANS 6000 in close co-operation with RDE by proprietary exclusive interface SAMMON / ANS 6000 – this means: It can be used for ALL ships in the simulator database.

  • Innovative Briefing for simulator exercises

    With the Design & Planning Tool the new fast time manoeuvring planning allows the trainees to design an individual manoeuvring / berth plan with real manoeuvres and control settings (in contrary to the conventional method by guessing or manual drawings on paper charts only …)

    Discussion & optimisation of the concept by several planning trials with that tool.

    Pre-Training is possible with Trial and Training Tool to try out the concept with real time simulation on a laptop.

  • Advanced support for Exercise execution / Run

    There are several ways to support the execution with the Monitoring Tool
    depending on the degree on what the trainee is allowed to use
    the new manoeuvring prediction technology during the exercise run.

    The multiple dynamic prediction gives the student a better understanding of his potential options, allowing him to execute high quality manoeuvres.

    On an advanced level the trainees can make full use of the dynamic prediction and the prepared manoeuvring plan as underlying concept to achieve the best fit with the plan and the exercise result. The full use of the prediction is increasing safety & effectiveness even for advanced trainees.

    Execution of exercises with multiple prediction supported by FTS shows in the Monitoring Tool the real quality of the trainees’ activities with a wider time and consequences horizon.

    The Instructor gets a better insight as though looking through a spyglass enlarging the trainees’ activities and their consequences for success in manoeuvring. If the trainee is at risk to fail it can be clearly seen and the decision can be made easier to stop the exercise by the instructor and explained to the trainee, moreover: better alternatives can be shown right afterwards by the FTS

    Comfortable Debriefing with various innovative options
    The fast time simulation tools allow for an in-depth assessment of quality of the manoeuvring results:

    Comparisons, e.g. of the trainees berth plan and the real results of exercise

    Discussion of alternatives at any selected time point and exercise conditions, e.g. the replay might be stopped at a critical situation and the bridge handles can be used to demonstrate and discuss alternative manoeuvring measures

    Recordings with more than 2000 parameters from exercise to trace back and analyse any parameter of the exercise - the time history of the trainees action can be shown graphically e.g. for rudder, thruster and engine activities and analysed in more in detail within the SIMDAT tool

    Replay with continuous multiple prediction of full manoeuvring track is possible even in fast motion replay and allows for an overall impression of the trainees steering success

    Assessment of results by comparison with trainees own concept can be shown

    in the replay function of the Ship Handling Simulator or the in-built recording in the Monitoring Tool: the full exercise can be replayed while using the Multiple Prediction functionality (also possible for real ships’ VRD recordings)

    Discussion of alternative manoeuvres at specific selected situations can be supported by loading any specific situation during the exercise and operate the manoeuvring handles differently using

    the Design & Planning tool and steering on laptop handle panel or

    the Monitoring tool steering real handles on the simulator bridge

    For instructors (and peer students) Multiple dynamic predictions are always a great help because the chances for success of a trainee’s action can immediately be seen or the exercise could be stopped earlier if it is obvious that the trainee will fail.

SAMMON - Usage & Examples

Prediction Technology

SAMMON is based on prediction Technology using a Fast Time Manoeuring Simulation kernel for simulating up to 15 minutes of real time in 1 second.

Effective Lecturing and Training

Effective Teaching and Learning of ship manoeuvring processes.

Planning Manoeuvring Strategies

Planning of manoeuvring strategies with a variety of ships under different environmental conditions.

Onboard Ships

FTS on real time situation onboard ships with advanced prediction.

Port Risk Assessment

Port Risk Assessment - Analyse of manoeuvring strategies for various ports.

System Requirements - SAMMON

Minimum system requirements for installation and execution of the SAMMON software

  • Laptop/PC with i5-Processor or better
  • 4 GB main memory or more
  • Operating Systems:
    • Microsoft Windows 10
    • Microsoft Windows 11
  • Required disk space for complete installation 150,0 MB
  • USB port or Download (with account at
  • Display - Resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, Full-HD or higher
  • PDF-Reader to read the SAMMON-Manuals.pdf

Downloads - SAMMON