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SIMDAT - Visualize Ships Maneouvre Data

SAMMON is a Simulation Augmented Manoeuvring Design & Monitoring System consisting of various modules for Manoeuvre Monitoring, Trial, Training as well as Manoeuvring Design & Planning.

More tutorials and videos about SIMDAT can be found on our Youtube Channel

Originally SIMDAT was designed only to display the simulation data from the Advanced Nautical Simulator (ANS) series. It was widely extended and the current version of SIMDAT now can be used to display, analyze and evaluate data from ANS. During a simulator exercise all data can be recorded in full detail to be available for a very extensive analysis by SIMDAT afterwards. The data which can be viewed can comprise any number of simulated manoeuvres and ships. Specifically from SHS exercises it includes own ships, traffic ships, floating object water or floating objects air. For every object the track can be viewed in a geographical or plane coordinate system alternatively. Besides the track of the ships any other simulated or measured data can be displayed and analyzed in comparison to the actual track. In the same way as for the ANS data the SIMDAT program can be used for analysing the results of the SIMOPT (Simulation and Optimization Software). Additionally SIMDAT is ready to display and evaluate the results from measurements with real ships recorded during Ship Manoeuvring Trials.

SIMDAT - Usage & Examples

Full range data sourcing

From ANS-Simulators and SIMOPT results to Ship Manoeuvring Trials - SIMDAT is ready to display and evaluate the full range of data

Maximized Analystics

Compare tracks and data of own ships, traffic ships or floating objects.

Manoeuvre Evaluation

Various data evaluation and assessment methods

System Requirements - SIMDAT

Minimum system requirements for installation and execution of the SIMDAT software

  • Laptop/PC with i5-Prozessor or higher
  • 4,0 GB main memory or higher
  • Operating Systems:
    • Microsoft Windows 10
    • Microsoft Windows 11
  • Required disk space for complete installation 330,0 MB
  • USB port or Download (with account at
  • Display - Minimum resolution of 1280x1024 pixels
  • Installed Web-Bowser to use the SIMDAT-Help program
  • PDF-Reader to read the SIMDAT-Manual.pdf and others

Downloads - SIMDAT