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SIMOPT - Simulation Optimization for Ship Models & Standard Manoeuvres

SIMOPT is a software product simulating ship dynamics based on Fast-Time Simulation tech-nology and was developed to support the efficiency of: - tuning processes for estimating ship-model parameters in ship handling simulators and achieve the best fit between real-ship manoeuvring characteristics and the simu-lation ship models used in SAMMON - estimation and optimisation of manoeuvring parameter for specific manoeuvres e.g. emergency turns, Zig-Zag Tests or series for wind impact based on several parame-ters.

SIMOPT is a PC-based software for “Fast Time Simulation” for ship dynamics and was developed to support the efficiency of

  • tuning processes for estimating the parameters for the math models in ship handling simulators and achieve the best fit between the real ships manoeuvring characteristics and the simulator ship model
  • manual optimisation of manoeuvring parameter for specific manoeuvres e.g. for emergency turns as Williamson, Scharnow or Single Turn.

The math model for ship motion simulation has the same complexity and ships dynamic capabilities as the Advanced Nautical Simulator (ANS) Series [4], focusing on the most important dynamic effects but using fast solvers for saving computation time. The advantage and capabilities of this software are:

  • The Math Model reveals same simulation results as ANS,
  • It is remarkably faster than “ANS real time simulation” the ratio is up to 1/1000,
  • The steering of simulator vessels is done by specific Manoeuvre-control settings / commands which can be tailored for standard procedures and individual manoeuvres.
  • All results can be efficiently displayed in table or graphic format immediately in SIMOPT or can be exported to be compared with data from other sources (shiphandling simulator recordings or measurement data of manoeuvring trials with real ships using SIMDAT software tool.
  • ships tuned and optimised in SIMOPT can be imported in the ANS

Fast Time Manoeuvre Simulation

Run various manouvre simulation of up to one hour in splits of a second

Manoeuvre Evaluation

Automatic evaluation of known manoeuvre types and parameters

Multiple Result Display

Various result display and analyses

SIMOPT Usage & Examples

System Requirements - SIMOPT

Minimum system requirements for installation and execution of the SIMOPT software

  • PC with i5-Prozessor or higher
  • 4,0 GB main memory or higher
  • Operating Systems:
    • Microsoft Windows 10
    • Microsoft Windows 11
  • Required disk space for complete installation 320 MB
  • USB port or Download (with account at for installation purpose
  • Display - Minimum resolution of 1280x1024 pixels
  • Installed Web-Bowser to use the SIMOPT-Help program
  • PDF-Reader to read the SIMOPT-Manual.pdf and other

Downloads - SIMOPT